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Benefits of LMS

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Why Moisaka LMS?

A dedicated learning management system for pharma and healthcare with range of options available for customizations and localization.

The objective of the curricula of medical education is to offer the physicians with the best possible knowledge and clinical skills essential to treat the patient with most effectively as far as possible. Medical Education can also be applied in medical sales representative training management programs.

Until the last century medical education consists of primarily classroom lectures and use of lecture notes and books. In short, there is over-reliance on face to face teaching. As the internet has gained more popularity with the improvement in technology, the former learning options have now been replaced by digital choices, online teaching, and e-learning solutions. The rise of technology such as 3D MOA, e learning modules (Online), virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, email marketing and so on is changing the landscape of medical education and medical training. These choices now have become an integral part of the latest curriculum in pharmaceutical organizations, healthcare companies, medical associations, medical institutions and CME programs.

There are always different continuous training needs in hospitals, pharmaceuticals, laboratory settings, and in other medical facilities. The healthcare industry is evolving rapidly with improved quality standards.

Medical science industry as a whole will never rest at least for next 100 years. All the small and large medical practices have to keep up with the constantly changing methods of Health Management and the associated compliance regulations.

Moisaka Healthcare Solutions - Learning Management System - Medical

Failure to make a timely update implies that practices cannot provide patients with quality care and are likely to result in violation of compliance that could end up in a lawsuit, different penalties, and heavy fines.

Medical practices must invest in the training and development of their employees and promote a culture of continuing medical education (CME) to ensure constant progress. This will enable them to maintain compliance and efficiency at the same time.

Medical – Healthcare Learning Management System

The Healthcare industry is evolving constantly in a highly dynamic environment with hectic schedules and extremely stringent quality standards. Thus, medical training plays a critical role in the development and improvement of healthcare sector. In terms of profitability and efficiency e Learning solutions have emerged quickly as an advantageous tool. E Learning is efficient and reliable solution for the validation of these continuing medical education campaign and training. The Medical – Healthcare Learning Management System is one of such e-learning solutions. These are designed for clinical and Healthcare organizations.

It will boost the credibility among patients and medical industry

In addition to safeguarding your brand or your practice from costly lawsuits and penalties, choosing the right learning management system (LMS) for training in medical compliance will also establish credibility between physicians, patients and the Healthcare industry in a broader sense. The present article try to offer you an insight on using different Healthcare learning systems to help you assist in medical education training online.

Some of the top learning management systems in the Healthcare industry:

1. 3D imaging of the internal organs

The rise in technology and improvement in 3D image development software have enabled the medical practitioners to visualize your internal organs through the digital system. This is of immense importance as before it was not possible to know the exact position of the internal organs and how they are functioning or aligned without doing any practical on donated dead bodies. You can also visualize anomalies in patient bodies through 3D images.

2. 3D MOA (Mechanism of Action)

Life is a complex system and it is not easy to understand the overall mechanism of different processes happening simultaneously inside the human body. Around 94% of the total information conveyed to the human brain is visual. This simply implies the importance of animated visuals which is processed much faster compared to any other form of media such as audios and texts. The visuals also have a sound impact on the emotions of a person.

moisaka healthcare solution - digital healthcare agency - medical moa

The trend towards the use, specifically in the pharmaceutical industry, of 3D animated visuals of medicine in the Healthcare sector, is rapidly increasing. At the same time, 3D MOA is widely used to demonstrate the mechanism of action of the different complex cellular and extracellular molecular interactions inside the human body.

3. Use of virtual reality in medical industry

The medical industry is one of the largest adaptors of the newly developed immersive technology – virtual reality. This includes simulation of surgery, robotic operations, treatment of phobia, mechanism of action, treatment modalities, patient case and medical training. This technology has a prime advantage that it enables the professionals to refresh their skills while learning the new ones and the advancement in medical treatment. Virtual reality has many applications in the Healthcare industry, from the development of new life-saving methods to training future physicians. It is also estimated that the worldwide market of virtual reality in Healthcare may reach up to $3.8 billion by 2020.

moisaka virtual reality - healthcare medical solutions - digital agency

4. Moisaka learning management system for Healthcare

This is a cloud-based virtual learning tool available in SaaS deployments, self-hosting or managed hosting. The solution makes it possible for medical professionals in an online process to create, track, administer, and send Digital content. They can upload assignments and interact with the instructor or fellow classmates or colleagues online. The users can also access the relevant medical courses. To know more about the Moisaka learning management system, fill the short form below.


Healthcare LMS eLearning Modules Moisaka Solutions - LMS Vendor5. Medical LMS for ensuring compliance and learning

The medical lab LMS is a learning solution based on cloud technology which contains the content of e-learning including courses on continuing education, product information, safety courses, and compliance training. Overall during completion of the course, it assists in developing user performance reports. The solution simply gives professional recognition for approved training courses and certification for continuing education which is necessary in today’s scenario.

6. Translation and Localization in Medical

One of the top priorities of the learning management system was to cross the barrier to provide language and culture-sensitive learning. For instance, a male physician who is going to a local Hospital in Africa to work is a good example where LMS can come in handy. Cultural sensitivity courses may offer several class protocols to deal with conservative cultures (for example veiled ladies).

7. Interacting through the internet with the specialists and blogging

The medical online fraternity has developed tremendously with the advent of social media. Content development for courses is facilitated by the availability of e-learning resources making things much easier. Professionals in Healthcare want to keep up with the latest certificates in professional development and related licensing. Different Exam Master offers a wide range of examination questions which ultimately produce better examiners. A positive performance and motivation response to e-learning has been demonstrated by several researchers.

8. SkillPort: Another cloud-based solution

This cloud-based learning management system enables the users of the e-learning courses and programs to track, manage, and report their progress. The solution offers typically designed courses in the form of training manuals, ebooks, and videos and also offers certification training.

9. Preventive care courses

In nearly every hospital and clinic, e-learning solutions are evolving with ongoing credit-based courses available for all the physician and paramedics. For instance, a relatively new discipline known as palliative care program has started in health centers through e-Learning facilities. The course provides tips to look after critically ill or dying relatives and how to manage the shock and life after their death. Similarly, the learning management system can help to share experiences for diabetes patients, alcoholics, and smokers.

10. Augmented Reality Medical Education

Among the most significant trends in Medical Education and Medical Technology, healthcare augmented reality rightfully takes a leading position. With more than 1 billion users expected to join the trend by 2020, it opens a pool of opportunities for healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. 

Augmented reality in medical education can serve a number of purposes. It helps the learners easily acquire, process, and remember the medical information. Additionally, Healthcare Augmented Reality makes learning itself more engaging and fun.

Therapy area case studies: LMS and the primary care

With regard to the training and overall administration management in Healthcare LMS can offer a lot. There are numerous benefits including blended learning solutions,
face-to-face learning, and online learning options. LMS can also support and improve the traditional methods of learning.

The LMS is a versatile and flexible tool to collect dynamic education information used in medical training. The evaluation of medical knowledge competence can be supported by these online curricula. Several studies have found this web-based instruction helpful for the healthcare professionals while serving outpatient duty and providing primary care.

The idea of centralized educational contents can be made possible with the help of LMS and pre/post-test data specifically customized according to the residency program needs, residents, a particular discipline of medicine, and the ACGME.  This information may be used for the identification of certain areas that need to improve the acquisition of medical knowledge. The common of medical professionals has revealed that LMS is an adaptable innovative and practical means to deal with the evolving fields of
primary care in medical education.

Therapy area case studies: LMS and immuno-oncology

The LMS helps the physicians to enhance their knowledge on the fast developing sector of cancer immunotherapy and keep them up to date about the effective practical
solutions. The LMS technology provides them knowledge on how immunotherapy works against many different types of cancer and how it is different from traditional chemotherapy. The doctors also get to understand how immunotherapy influences the landscape of cancer treatment.

LMS also helps the doctor to know the evolving role of different biomarkers in Cancer Immunotherapy. You can explore the various immunotherapy agents and their classes and interpretation as well as clinical application of these biomarker testing.

healthcare-lms-modulesThrough LMS physicians can also know about the adverse events related to the immunotherapy and how to manage them. There are published guidelines presented in the LMS platform for such management.

Specific considerations depending on the roles for the members of the Cancer care team is possible with the help of LMS in immuno-oncology. Every member of the cancer team, consisting of positions (oncologist), nurse, pharmacist, the administrator of the pharmacy, and navigator play an essential part in providing treatment with cancer immunotherapy. So, good coordination between these members is absolutely necessary for the best outcome.

Practices of effective care coordination are possible with the learning management system as the process of care coordination for the patients in Cancer immunotherapy is different from the traditional chemotherapy. LMS can offer a better understanding of effective care protocol to make sure all the patients receive well-coordinated care and the caregivers can optimize the immunotherapy to maximize its efficiency.

The future challenges

Classifying the essential contents and the superficial ones is the primary concern while selecting the ideal medical learning management system. In case the caregiver wastes too much time of the patients, they will definitely lose interest fast. To add practical value you must be engaged in the e-Learning system and for every department and especially those with higher turnover this analysis must be accurate and complete.

It is important to search for the right and system. The solution must also be best suited to the habit of each trainer. It should involve m-learning and micro-learning as well as blended learning. Every team has a right of their own.

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