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Digital, data, technology and business solutions

We merge innovation, collaboration and technology to help our healthcare clients grow in an age of digital transformation.

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Through consultation, discovery, strategy, design, and planning we build solutions that focuses on the business objectives. We fine-tune the digital solution on an ongoing basis to keep relevancy and adaptability.

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Increased Customer Engagement

With the use of CRM, data and analytics tools a US based pharma company was able to improve customer engagement and retention by 10.2% in the 1st Quarter of an underperforming product.

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Predictive Analytics to Forecast Stroke Risk

A predictive analytics tool can accurately forecast patients’ risk of ischemic stroke based on the severity of their metabolic syndrome. With the new risk-prediction tool, healthcare provider started identifying patients who are at higher risk, treat their risk factors and lower their risk of stroke.

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Disease Management Platform

We partnered with a global pharmaceutical company to launch a platform for patients with inflammatory bowel disease, providing live daily data to clinicians and medical researchers, and allowing for better treatment and drug development.

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Medical Info Management

We centralized all HCP enquiries for a US Biopharma company. Digital centralization helped our client to increase efficiency for managing volumes of HCP queries coming across regions and therapy areas. Ability to assign queries and CMS helped in quicker responses.

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Digital Transformation

We guided a biopharma company through a digital transformation journey of its marketing and operation activities. The transformation included realigning digital marketing roles, combining portfolios, and adding new-age solutions like chatbot.

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Marketing Automation

We developed pharma marketing automation platform by creating automation events based on users' behavior, taking action based on selected conditions, Searching and segmenting tagged contacts to run targeted, automated email marketing campaigns and other parameters.

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As an award-winning software company, we are consistently and challenging ourseleves for the betterment. We are your authentic technology, digital and data provider.

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More than a digital, data and technology provider, we harness innovative tools for your growth.

With over 15 years of experience, we have crafted hundreds of strategic discovery process that enables us to develop agile customer engagement, marketing automation, machine learning, and data analytics based solutions.