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piMIM system for Medical affairs

Medical Information Management System

A unified adaptive platform for Medical Information & Medical affairs team to provide healthcare professionals (HCPs) with accurate and up to date information on the approved drug.

Centralized System for Medical Queries

Ensure Quality & Compliance

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Seamless Integration

The platform offers integration with CRM systems and other existing applications in medical affairs ecosystem.

Smart Insights and Metrics

Download deep, actionable business insights in real-time. Powered by robust analytical reporting engine, and interactive data visualizations.

Centralized System

Case intake with Adverse Event and Product Complaint allows single point of input integration with information, contact and correspondence modules.

Key benefits

Global Scale with a Local Focus

Purpose-Built, Multi-lingual Suite

Compliant and Secure

Key Capabilities

Easily capture, track, respond, and report all query requests for medical information across therapy areas.

Innovation and Scale

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Real-time Requests Management

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Centralized System with Deep Insights

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Efficiency & Productivity

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PiMIM System

piMIM system also known as piMedical Information Management system, developed by Moisaka, is the definitive gold standard of Medical Information systems for life sciences organizations.

It not only captures information rapidly in a modern, streamlined interface, but also ensures adherence to industry standards and compliance as well as to your own internal processes and procedures.

piMIM supports all of your medical information needs, while at the same time ensuring security, auditability, data protection, privacy, and global compliance. 

Conduct data mining and organize deep actionable business insights using piMIM built-in reporting capability, which includes access to stunning visual analytics, dashboards, and tabular reports.

Scalable, Secure, & Compliant Solution

Whether you are a company that has Medical Information teams distributed across the globe, or an organization that is poised to grow with experts on‐the ground local teams, piMIM is scalable to meet those needs securely, with modular configurable features that have made it the gold standard in medical information management.

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