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Medical Information Management System – piMIM

Moisaka’s medical information management system (piMIM) is a validated secured enterprise application. Moisaka’s piMIM automates the physician query process and enhances your documentation and compliance initiatives. piMIM application automatically alerts the Medical information team the moment a new physician query is added to the system.

With every query added to the system, the application provides periodic updates to the medical information team on the status, activity and closure. A standardized system enables the organization to monitor all the medical information requests across therapy areas, regions, brands and other parameters.

Access to the piMIM system and the information held within it is governed by the highest level of security and compliant to enterprise SOPs and information security guidelines, ensuring no unauthorised access to the system. The access to the piMIM system is divided into multiple layers based on roles and responsibilities of the client’s organisation.

Key Benefits

01. Centralized Medical Information Management

Moisaka’s piMIM enables your organization to transform medical queries from a manual, disruptive process to a smooth, integrated and centralized experience. All queries are digitally stored and managed, enabling the medical information team to easily build a rhythm of sending, checking and acting on submitted queries.

02. Easy Integration & Increased Productivity

Built on a powerful BI platform thereby enabling integration with existing systems in a seamless fashion. Medical information teams can easily create & submit medical information queries - using existing approved templates. This enhances productivity and results in terms of documentation quality and revenue capture.

03. Proven ROI

Without the proper technology solution, managing physician queries is a very time-consuming and inefficient process. By enabling the medical information team to manage physician queries quickly and efficiently, we have seen improved return on investment over manual processes.

Yes, we embrace holistic development and support our clients with customization and integration with the internal systems for quicker adoption.

It takes about 30-60 days for customization which includes development of new instance with custom branding, product lists, users and database. 

We provide advanced analytics as part of development package and the system is maintained 24x7 by our support team.

The system supports uploading files for all the queries as attachments. 

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