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Interactive patient case.

No more complex and offline patient cases. Creating an engaging and educational patient case has never been easier.

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— why Interactive patient case

Explore interactive patient cases and learn how they can be used to engage healthcare providers and improve patient outcomes. Discover the benefits of using these interactive tools and find out how they can support clinical decision-making.

Increase Physician engagement rate

Benefits of Interactive Patient Case

We build interactive digital patient cases for physician engagement. The interactive patient case provides best-in-class user experience that helps build and drive physician engagements.

  • Capture learning
  • Understand preferred user pathways
  • Peer validation of choices
  • Present brand benefits

Real-time analytics.

Insights to build better engagement campaigns. View conversion funnels, analyze cohorts, identify behavioral trends, inspect user paths, and setup custom dashboards.

Advance Segmentation

Advance Segmentation

Identify the drop-off points of different user segments and set up cross-channel campaigns without having to switch between multiple tools.

Behavioral Trends

Behavioral Trends

Understand the digital clues left behind by your customers. Know how customers are engaging with your patient case and track your KPIs.

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How we do it

See how we do it

Select Patient Case

We setup up user interface with brand attributes and infrastructure to support new patient case for your market and products.

Functionality Development

The ready to use platform allows us to deploy user interface in 2 weeks. Integrate upto 60 patient cases.

Setup & Authentication

As part of production we build new instance, secure the database, build security, create login modules and keep it ready for launch.

Brand Recognition and Medical Education

With the interactive patient case, you could target and re-target your customers. Review the user activity to understand the needs of your customers and how you can serve them better.

On Demand

On-demand delivery of knowledge per user


Individualized case experience for every user


Detailed analytics for users and admin


Immersive and interactive visual presentation

Enhanced learning

Intelligent guidance and suggestions for enhanced learning

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