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Healthcare Learning Management System | H-LMS | Centralized Learning

Healthcare Learning Management System (H-LMS) is a cloud-based software platform developed by Moisaka Solutions that facilitates course management, reports and analytics and centralize learning resources for healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations.

Healthcare LMS (Learning Management System) is a blended learning platform which gives you many different options to manage and automate learner logins, registrations, and learning assignments — from eLearning to classroom to videos and more. Evaluate outcomes and progress with powerful custom, ad-hoc reports, dashboards, and analytics. One tracking and reporting system for multiple learning modalities.






Healthcare Learning Management System (H-LMS) can be used to deploy all kinds of training (from medical training, sales training, medical education, compliance training to company policy training, and many more formats of online training). Over the past few years, Healthcare eLearning has evolved into a revenue generator for the extended enterprise as it controls cost of training and invokes new avenues of knowledge distribution. New advancements in learning technology have helped to support evolving learner needs and revolutionize the eLearning space by allowing for more learning data to be collected, enabling mobile learning capabilities and gamification, and more.


Now, the next question is how to develop these LMS based eLearning Modules and how should we launch it. This is where we help our clients in developing eLearning modules from scratch and launch in the LMS platform. The types of eModule that can be developed are as follows.

eLearning Modules:

  • MSL Training
  • Medical Training
  • Sales Rep Training
  • Physician Training
  • Compliance Training
  • Corporate Training


LMS Platform Features:

  • Multi Device Compatibility
  • Course Management
  • Score Card
  • User Tracking
  • SCORM Compliant
  • Reporting
  • Custom Branding
  • Email Distribution

Healthcare LMS Benefits

Benefits of Healthcare Learning Managment System based learning is not just limited to businesses from costing and L&D management point of view but it has shown improvements in productivity and engagement also. Few of the core benefits of LMS includes:


LMS Benefits:

  • Knowledge Retention
  • Track Learner Progress
  • Centralize eLearning Resources
  • Reduce Learning & Development Costs

Moisaka LMS can help track a number of learner activities. Few of the formal learning metrics and reports include:

LMS Tracking:

  • Course Status
  • User Activity Report
  • Course Activity Report
  • Assessment Scores
  • Total/Average Duration
  • Active/Inactive Courses

The Future of Medical Education and Training

One of the most daunting realities that all organizations are facing is a growing knowledge gap as baby boomers retire and millennials enter the workforce. Learner needs are constantly evolving as learning audiences change.

Similarly, eLearning trends are headed in exciting directions as new technology is introduced. It’s important to have learning technology in place to support your future learning needs. Some of these exciting trends include:

  1. Microlearning – Microlearning means providing easily accessible, bite-sized learning content. This content will help to better accommodate shortening learner attention spans and encourage learning at the point of need. We have developed DHF – Digital Healthcare Flashcards, the only digital Healthcare flashcards available in the industry for quick access to medical information and encouraging learning on the go.
  2. Virtual Reality – It might sound like something out of a sci-fi novel, but the reality is that technology is turning virtual reality (VR) into a feasible training method. VR simulations and branching scenarios will likely become the most effective methods for gaining experiential training. One can convert the medical education content in virtual reality environment with rich visuals and voice over helping users to grasp information more quickly.
  3. Artificial Intelligence – Artificial intelligence (AI) is playing an extremely important role in shaping the eLearning industry since it allows companies to make more data-driven decisions and provide more targeted learning programs. Some of the programs at Moisaka Solutions is powered by Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing.

Key take away point is that even if you’re just starting or revamping your training strategy, it’s important to think ahead and ensure your learning technology will be able to meet the learning needs of tomorrow. A next-generation LMS can drive performance and reach your future business goals.

To know more about learning management system and how it can be deployed in your organization simply fill the form below and one of our LMS specialist will get in touch with you.

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