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eMail Marketing

The healthcare and pharmaceutical industry is struggling with skyrocketing costs and shortage of skilled staff for sales and marketing. Millions of dollars are being spent on big data management and innovative solutions to reduce the cost of sales and marketing. One of the prime objective of healthcare revolution is to reduce cost and increase ROI. Email Marketing provides the best ROI compared to any form of digital channel.

We believe Email Marketing is an underdog and no one seems to understand the true potential of email campaigns. Unlike other industries, healthcare and pharmaceutical companies need a specialized email marketing campaign.

Disease awareness, physician education, service offerings, drug information, new approvals, new discovery, innovative solutions and many more healthcare offerings can be brought under a single roof of email marketing. In today’s world of technology, marketing by emails – Email Marketing has become the most popular strategy to reach out to your customer and it provides highest ROI – Return on Investment compared to other marketing tactics.

Why Moisaka Healthcare Solutions

We think differently, we apply imagination and logic, and then we mix the output with reasoning and emotional aspects to the solution of given problems. We have an unusual amount of enthusiasm when it comes to challenges, we’ve been able to spot upcoming challenges before they even show up. That’s how we improve ourselves.

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Learning Management

I have gotten at least 50 times the value from LMS. Definitely worth the investment. I have gotten at least 50 times the value of LMS service. I am so pleased with Moisaka Team.

Learning Management

Moisaka should be nominated for best pharma LMS service of the year. Very easy to use.

Learning Management

Nice work. Your service has really helped our medical education challenge. Moisaka Healthcare has completely surpassed our expectations

Learning Management

Thank You. Definitely worth the investment. Without LMS, we would have achieved what we envisioned for 2018. You guys rock
Rosanne B.Medical Director
Ludvig L.Sr. Brand Manager
Wojciech D.Medical Education - Lead
Oralie V.Medical Advisor

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