Conferences and meetings are a very important part of any industry. Participating in these is very helpful for someone doing research. In fields like pharma and biotech, people can gain a lot from such events.

Medical Conferences 

Pharma congress, or symposiums are great places to meet people and discuss ideas. However, making these events happen can be difficult. There are many problems that may arise. Making a schedule for sessions, communicating with people can be difficult. People may waste time-solving these problems.

What is Medical Conference App?

This mobile application is the perfect tool for medical conference management. It increases physician engagement and medical communications in healthcare, as well as in biotech and pharma. The medical conference app has several standard and advanced features that make it a good digital engagement strategy as well as multi channel marketing tactics for pharma. Read More

Why Moisaka Healthcare Solutions

Conference Manager Application is an award-winning digital application designed specifically to meet the needs of medical conference organizers. Our team includes experienced medical event managers and academics as well as designers, programmers and web developers. We’ve been there and we know what is needed and how it works.

Conference Manager is the system of choice for medical conference, symposiums, congress, advisory board meetings, and summits for medical associations, healthcare and pharma industries.

Learning Management

I have gotten at least 50 times the value from LMS. Definitely worth the investment. I have gotten at least 50 times the value of LMS service. I am so pleased with Moisaka Team.

Learning Management

Moisaka should be nominated for best pharma LMS service of the year. Very easy to use.

Learning Management

Nice work. Your service has really helped our medical education challenge. Moisaka Healthcare has completely surpassed our expectations

Learning Management

Thank You. Definitely worth the investment. Without LMS, we would have achieved what we envisioned for 2018. You guys rock
Rosanne B.Medical Director
Ludvig L.Sr. Brand Manager
Wojciech D.Medical Education - Lead
Oralie V.Medical Advisor

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