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Enabling Healthcare Digital Transformation

At Moisaka Solutions, all of our product development and deployment is flexible in nature and is based on iterations driven by insights, prototyping, and continuous validation.

Artificial Intelligence
We use algorithms and software to approximate human cognition in the analysis of complex medical data in the form of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The primary aim of AI applications that we are building is to analyze relationships between prevention with treatment techniques and patient outcomes.

Healthcare Platform
Moisaka Could Based platform products, helps health systems transform the healthcare experience. Relying strictly on state-of-the-art technology and thorough planning, we created a healthcare analytic solution that’s secure, compliant, reliable, scalable and user-friendly.

Healthcare Mobile
mHealth applications include the use of mobile devices in collecting community and clinical health data, delivery of healthcare information to practitioners, researchers, and patients, real-time monitoring of patient vital signs, and direct provision of care.

We commit to have 70 percent of our digital businesses operating under value-based arrangements by 2022. These arrangements focus on lowering cost, improving the quality of care, and ultimately producing better physician-patient relationship.


Enhanced Patient Engagement and Education
From findings a doctor, and making appointments to disease information the AI chatbot can provide an interactive conversational response. Using AI chatbot the patients can set a reminder for a medication, doctor’s appointment, or any special alerts. It not only provides quick and reliable health related information but helps patient save valuable time 24/7. A chatbot will drastically reduce the frustration and time involved in dealing with administrative activities such as booking, availability, helpdesk, reminders, billing, and other array of admin activities.

AI can go a step further and integrate the EHR, medication ordering, referral programs and automate data entry to significantly reduce error and entry of double data. Pharmaceutical companies can develop AI chatbot specific for a disease area and launch AI chatbot as part of patient education platform for derive better insights and what is happening at the ground level.

First Artificial Intelligence Marketing Platform for Pharma Enterprise.

An autonomous machine that requires little human intervention and is able to execute seamlessly across all channels, paid and nonpaid, including email, mobile, social, search and display. It removes the complexities of modern pharma marketing by performing many of the time-consuming, manual tasks which humans are unable to perform at the speed and scale required for efficient and effective patient or physician interactions.

It is busy continuously learning, maintaining constant optimization and analysis of your campaigns, answering questions you may never have thought to ask and freeing you up to focus on higher value problem solving.

Emerging Applications for Intelligent Diabetes Management
We believe in the potential of artificial intelligence technology on improving the treatment of diabetes. At present we are working on the development of AI Diabetology for improving the patient outcomes and ultimately, saving lives. The AI will forecast and manage blood glucose levels of people with diabetes, based on non-invasive biometric sensors and AI.

Healthcare Learning Management System (H-LMS)
It can be used to deploy all kinds of training (from medical training, sales training, medical education, compliance training to company policy training, and many more formats of online training). It facilitates course management, reports and analytics and centralize learning resources for healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations.

Secure Healthcare Custom Platform
Our custom cloud platforms are designed to work with multiple private and public clouds systems, protecting sensitive healthcare data by leveraging purpose-built compliance safeguards, develops automation, and healthcare expertise. We are also in the process to start cloud computing for healthcare clients.

Comprehensive Guide to Find Possible Causes of Symptoms
We have built multiple symptom tracker for top 100 pharma clients and in the process we were able to create a symptom tracker backbone which not only quickly launch a custom symptom tracker but also understands what your medical symptoms could mean, and provide you with the trusted information you need to help make informed decisions in your life for better health.

Easy Learning, Simple to use Digital Tool for Pharma
From images to scientific mark-up, Healthcare Digital Flashcard has got everything covered. Embed audio clips, images, videos and scientific mark-up on flashcards, with precise control over how it’s shown. It is content-agnostic and can be customized based on the requirement. It can be deployed on iPhone or Android or a web app platform.

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