Marketing your Plastic Surgery Practice

The plastic surgery industry is booming and shows no signs of slowing down. Your practice should be the same – growing and thriving! If that’s not the case, then it might be time to implement strategic marketing for plastic surgery business.

Many a times we receive this question “Why our plastic surgery and cosmetic clinic needs a strategic marketing and not just vanilla marketing?” We are not multinational companies. Here’s what you need to know about marketing in this digital era.

The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) has reported that Global Aesthetic procedures completed in 2016, showed an overall increase of 9% in surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures within the past twelve months. The top five countries – USA, Brazil, Japan, Italy and Mexico – account for 41.4% of the world’s cosmetic procedures, followed by Russia, India, Turkey, Germany and France.

Do you know that there has been a drastic 115% increase in the overall cosmetic procedures over the last 15 years! That’s wow.

We know this means a lot of business for plastic surgeons, but not knowing how to make best use of the opportunity and changing trends can keep one behind their peers. We present you some tips and tricks on how to reach a wider range of audience – starting from your neighbourhood to across the globe.

Break the Traditional Sameness

The old way of finding and getting clients – word of mouth, personal referrals, mailers, etc. – just isn’t working anymore. To stand out in an industry as competitive as plastic surgery, we need to harness the power of digital and strategic marketing.

Moisaka Solutions specializes in 360 creative marketing services for plastic surgeons. We take a methodical approach, utilizing website, SEO, motion graphics, print, social, email, and content marketing tactics to deliver a strong message to your audience across multiple channels and devices.

At the end of the day, our strategic plastic surgeon marketing campaigns drive the results you want: Getting more new patients walking through the door.

Point 1: Preserve your current patient base

Unlike other medical conditions, cosmetic procedures do not always require regular follow-ups, thereby making your patients not visit you again and again. If you did not bother to keep in touch, then there is a greater chance that your old (ex-)patients do not remember you anymore!

To prevent this, you can follow some simple and quick marketing strategies like maintaining a record of their birthdays and anniversaries, sending automated greeting cards and messages to their email address; or you can go an extra mile, and send them personalized email newsletters related to the treatment they have undergone at your clinic. By the way drop us a note for killer email marketing campaign design and tips.

An email newsletter is one of the most preferred marketing strategies for large businesses. Too many emails can annoy your customers, though. Always ensure that there is a reasonable gap between each mailer.

Point 2: Focus on Digital Channels

The numbers don’t lie – Potential clients are searching for you online and if not you someone else might be getting this head start and a good lead. Get started on plastic surgeon digital marketing today, so they can find you! Some of the stats for your reference:

  • 77% of patients who schedule appointments did an online search before booking
  • 89% of consumers trust online reviews
  • 57% of plastic surgery patients research plastic surgery information online
  • 30% of Internet users refer to online reviews and rankings of treatments and healthcare providers

Some of the popular tactics to cover digital channels are:

  1. Search Engine Marketing – 77% of patients who schedule an appointment with a healthcare practitioner use a search engine before booking
  2. Social Media Marketing – Social media has changed the way people and businesses interact. Campaigns should be designed not just to engage and educate, but to also build trust in your plastic surgery practice
  3. Search Engine Optimization
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Reputation Management – Over 89% of people trust online reviews. Online reputation management services are critical for plastic surgeons; one bad review can convince potential patients to look elsewhere.

Point 3: Strategic Content Marketing

Content is the heart and soul of plastic surgeon marketing, but we’re just not talking about just any kind of content. Moisaka Solutions crafts and distributes content with powerful messaging designed to attract and resonate with your target audience, and convert them into patients. Our content writers are from medical and creative background which gives an edge over traditional content writing and distribution.

Content Marketing is just not a fancy buzzword but a highly effective long-term marketing strategy for plastic surgeons. According to the Content Marketing Institute, “86% of B2C marketers use content marketing and 55% of B2C marketers plan to increase content marketing spend next year.”

marketing plastic surgery - moisaka healthcare solutions

Point 4: Compelling & Responsive Website

When someone comes across your website they make a visual judgement of your work just by looking at your website. You might be pioneer in your field but if your website doesn’t function and perform like you (efficient and awesome) the customer will leave your website soon and high bounce rate on google analytics report. No one wants this, not even a rookie starting a new business in any field.

Your website is the face of your practice online, period. The responsive creative website that we build not only captures your artistic caliber but your charming personality and the philosophy as a plastic surgeon. More importantly, we ensure your website provides an optimal user experience across all devices, making it easy for people to contact you.

Point 5: Video Marketing

A final strategic weapon for integrated marketing is video marketing. Video is a Gold Mine for SEO, it can increase your search engine ranking, click-through rates, open rates and conversions. But you have to reach your target audience. YouTube is the second largest search engine (second to Google). What’s better: YouTube is owned by Google. So that means a properly tagged video can work wonders for your SEO.

  1. Video Boosts Conversion Rates – A recent study found that 57 percent of online consumers were more likely to buy a product they were considering purchasing after watching a video demonstration of that product. See a sample product explainer video below.

  1. Video is Easily Accessible – There are endless platforms for video marketing. YouTube, broadcast television, video boards and street marketing, you name it. The possibilities are endless. With a smartphone, consumers can access online video anytime, anywhere. The same is not true with traditional, paper marketing. With video, you can reach your audience wherever they are in a cost-effective way.
  2. Video is Effective – Studies show that retention rates for information that is both seen and heard is as high as 80 percent. Those numbers drop to 20 percent for information that is seen and just 10 percent for information that is heard. Combining visual and audio is powerful.
  3. Video is Emotional – Video allows you to make a direct appeal to the emotional centre of a person’s brain through music. With video, you are also able to attach a face to a concept. The human connection through video is more influential than reading facts in text. See an example of an emotionally appealing video below.

How We Deliver

We believe in challenging the status quo and we think differently for each of our client’s business objective. The way we challenge the status quo is by making our products and solutions beautifully designed, simple to implement and user friendly. We just happen to help our clients with technology and creative marketing.

2017-2022 will be dominated by digital marketing and will continue to play a vital role in growing one’s plastic surgery practice. Moisaka Solutions executes marketing campaigns for plastic surgeon that focus on patient attraction and conversion tactics.

As you know no two marketing strategies are alike. Our research is based on your location and history of plastic surgery marketing which allow us to know more about you, your practice, your audience, and your goals. This ensures that the strategies and tactics we develop are in line with your business objectives.


Start Integrated Marketing with Moisaka Healthcare Solutions

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We don’t just run a campaign and then leave it we monitor and improvise the campaign as it flows. We are your digital marketing team for your plastic surgery practice and passionate about achieving your vision for your practice. We have dedicated account management support system, and we’re always ready to answer your questions and concerns. Feel free to get in touch with us by filling up this short form or drop a note to

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