9 Best Ways to Grow Plastic Surgery Practice in 2018

The healthcare industry is so regulated, that when it comes to marketing of plastic surgery practice it becomes tough to implement. It is constantly growing, and changing its dimension due to the changes in technology, innovation and regulation. Needless to say, if one does not apply the new and effective marketing tactics in 2018 they will be left behind in awe. The best strategy would be the incorporation of latest technology, and patient-centric digital solutions in 2018.

At Moisaka Solutions, our goal is to come up with custom digital solutions for our healthcare clients. Below is the list of key plastic surgery marketing strategies that will help grow your plastic surgery practice in 2018:


1. Build a Brand Identity

Creating a unique identity for your plastic surgery practice can set you apart from the competition, helping you grow your patient base, and encouraging existing patients to seek care in-network.  Building a brand identity helps solidify your position in the market, enabling you to clearly communicate your capabilities to your potential patients.

You can start with logo design, color scheme, images, and taglines into your online and offline advertising campaigns, as these will help endorse your brand image. If done right, this will result in an audience remembering you as a respected healthcare organization and a great effective way to promote plastic surgery practice.

2. Healthcare Responsive Website

According to the Pew Research Centre study, 80% of internet users reported having looked for health information online, whether it was to look for information about a diagnosis or to choose a healthcare provider.

It is absolutely essential for medical practices and healthcare organizations to build an authoritative, creative and respectable website. Organizations need to maintain their website by regular updates in the form of blogs and resources, in order to be taken seriously in today’s market. A custom made healthcare website design offers a high return on investment when combined with search engine marketing – a golden ticket for marketing plastic surgery practice.

healthcare responsive website

3. Healthcare Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is an online marketing technique cantered on moving your website up to the front page of search engine results.  The recommended goal is to have your website appear in the top five search results when users enter keywords related to your specialty and location. To know more about healthcare search engine optimization

Ranking on top engines like Google and Bing requires a dedicated SEO strategy focused on optimizing content and meta data across your site. However, once a certain amount of work has been done to improve your rankings, the results will be strong enough to keep your practice high in the search results with minimal maintenance. We think this is the most underrated tactics not being used by plastic surgeons in their practice marketing.

4. Pay-Per-Click Ads.

Social Media Marketing Pay-per-click advertising – often abbreviated as PPC – offers an instant presence in search engines like Google, and lets you pay only for the number of site visits the ad brings in (hence the name).  PPC generates leads and traffic to your site almost instantly, makes it easy to target users within a specific geographic area, and allows the flexibility to turn the campaign on or off at any time. PPC ads can be an excellent way to market your healthcare organization – though your results and site traffic will probably never be as good as with a long-term SEO campaign. Healthcare marketing services that offer both PPC and SEO provide the best of both worlds.


5. Plastic Surgery Email Marketing Campaigns

Phone and Social Media aren’t the only way that doctors communicate with one another or their patients. Actually, 62% of physicians and other healthcare providers prefer communication via email in comparison to direct mail, phone calls or in-person visits, according to a MedData Medical Technology Marketing Industry Trends Report. So, if you’re trying to generate more referrals, then I hope you have implemented an email marketing campaign. If you haven’t, then you’re probably a part of the 40% of healthcare companies mentioned in that report who have not implemented an email marketing strategy.

Also, don’t forget to optimize your emails for mobile web devices so they’re easily readable. No one likes to squint to have to read what you wrote. It’s bad for the eyes, right? Regardless of eye health, my point is that people use their mobile devices for lots of reasons including reading emails from their phone. MedData shows 75% of physicians use smartphones and tablets for professional reasons, and that checking email is the top reason for using these mobile devices in the workplace. So if you have been trying to reach another doctor and they haven’t responded to your voicemail messages, try an email instead.

healthcare email marketing campaign

6. Mobile Marketing for Plastic Surgeons

Mobile devices aren’t only great for checking emails, but researching information across the internet as well. More and more practices are becoming mobile savvy to support the dynamic shift in how internet users consume content (via their mobile device), so that they can better reach their target market.

However, mobile marketing isn’t only for selling health products. The Pew Research Center Mobile Health 2012 Report affirms that 52% of smart phone owners have used their phone to look up medical information. Obviously, not all of them are searching for hair removal treatments, but other health information like doctors and specialists in their area/network as well. So, whether you want to increase product sales or doctor referrals, you should go mobile.

7. Grow Your Social Media Presence

According to a PwC Health Research Institute study, 42 percent of internet users have looked to social media for healthcare provider reviews to make decisions about which doctor to choose, while 90 percent of millenials would engage in health-related social media activities. An active social media presence is an important marketing platform for reaching internet users.  Look for a healthcare internet marketing company that offers full social media setup and profile management to make sure that your healthcare organization is taking full advantage of its social media profiles.

8. Run Promotions on Social Media

Running online deals and promotions is a smart way to get people in the door and make them truly excited about your services.  Thinking of a cost-effective offer – like a high-demand service that you can offer at discount on certain days or a two-for-one deal – and then promoting it on your website helps to bring in new patients who might have been on the fence about their choice of provider or about scheduling an appointment at all.

Bonus tip: If you’re running a PPC campaign for your plastic surgery practice, advertising your special offer locally in search engine results will increase your visibility.

9. Video Marketing for Healthcare (Motion Graphics)

Mobile isn’t the only way that you can get creative with your plastic surgery practice marketing strategy. Online videos on channels like YouTube are very effective as well. One of my favourite Videos:

Brilliant right? They took video marketing to another level by integrating motion graphics in their business proposition. The 2012 Google & Compete Hospital Study states that 53% of patients who didn’t watch hospital videos were unaware that they existed.

So, if you are not marketing your practice online, how will your audience know that you exist?

Marketing your medical practice, hospital, or health products online? Share your media strategies in the comment box below. Use this list to guide your healthcare marketing plan for achieving your goals.

As a full-service creative, digital, marketing, and technology firm, we work with healthcare provider practices, medical groups, and hospitals, to bring these elements into a custom marketing plan. Please call us today at +91-789-255-0413 or simply fill out this form. Make your strategic marketing idea produce rewarding results.

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