How to Create Cool PowerPoint Presentations, Bonus Free Designs

Do you wish to submit a great PowerPoint presentation and express your work in a more powerful way? Look no further, we have curated some of the important tips for you to take your presentation to next level.

Some of you might be submitting your research findings, analytics reports, case study or business solutions to your senior or client with the hope that they understand your work. We feel that technology can either help you or destroy your work, so let’s try to understand how technology can be in our favour.

Some presentations are better than others. Some have gorgeous designs. Some have insanely actionable takeaways. Some just give down-to-earth advice. But the best presentation combines all three.

To help you develop your own presentations in a more intuitive way, we’ve curated 12 awesome PowerPoint and SlideShare decks below with 6 important tips:

Tip No 1: Style

We highly recommend keeping it simple, do not try to bore your client or senior with overload of design. Try using 16:9-page orientation instead of 4:3, its always better to occupy the free space when it comes to style and design.

While we say this, we also recommend the less clutter you have on your slide, the more powerful your message will become. Do not feel compelled to fill empty areas on your slide with your big sized logo or other unnecessary graphics or text boxes that do not contribute to better understanding. Presentation is all about making the other person feel comfortable and understand the topic you are presenting.

Tip No 2: Content

Your presentation is for the benefit of the audience. But boring an audience with bullet point after bullet point is of little benefit to them. The best slides may have no text at all. Remember, the PowerPoint slides are meant to support the narration of you, that’s it. If you want them to read your presentation, then send them word document not PowerPoint presentation. PowerPoint presentation is make them feel home and understand your hard work.

Many people often say something like this: “Sorry I missed your presentation. I hear it was great. Can you just send me your PowerPoint slides?” Try keeping less content, the less you have the more success you get using PowerPoint. Mathematically PowerPoint content is inversely proportional to its success.

Tip No 3: Use High-Quality Graphics

I remember using clip art during the early stage of computer revolution and how excited I was, well it was almost 15 years ago and now the world has changed. Avoid, I repeat avoid, using PowerPoint Clip Art or other cartoonish line art.

Also, never stretch a small, low-resolution photo to make it fit your slide – doing so will only degrade the resolution and nothing else.

Tip No 4: Have a Visual Theme, But Avoid Using PowerPoint Templates

Standard PowerPoint templates for boring to eyes and they are freebies, hope you understand anything that is free will not give you edge over anyone. The reason they are free is because they want you to understand that it’s easy to create a basic presentation but to develop a great one requires an external support.

Your audience expects a unique presentation with new design and content, otherwise why would they be impressed with your work? You can approach us and we can create a customized PowerPoint Presentation for you and you can re-use again and again until you find a need for upgrade from therein.

Tip No 5: Use Colour and Fonts well

Colour evokes feelings. Colour is emotional. The right colour can help persuade and motivate. We do not want you to become expert in colour theory but we want you to understand its application. Colours can be divided into two general categories: Cool (such as blue and green) and Warm (such as orange and red). Cool colours work best for backgrounds as they appear to recede away from us into the background. Warm colours generally work best for objects in the foreground (such as text) because they appear to be coming at us.

Fonts communicate subtle messages in and of themselves, which is why you should choose fonts deliberately. Use the same font set throughout your entire slide presentation, and use no more than two complementary fonts (e.g., Arial and Arial Bold)

Tip No 6: Limit Transitions & Build Animated Presentation

Use object builds and slide transitions judiciously. Object builds (also called animated presentation), such as bullet points, should not be animated on every slide. Some animation is a good thing, but stick to the most subtle and professional (similar to what you might see on the evening TV news broadcast).

A simple “Wipe Left-to-Right” (from the “Animations” menu) is good for a bullet point, but a “Move” or “Fly” for example is too tedious and slow (and yet, is used in many presentations today, this needs to change). For transitions between slides, use no more than two-three different types of transition effects and do not place transition effects between all slides.


I hope the above information was helpful for you to create your own PowerPoint presentation, we would love to share free PowerPoint slides to you. Just fill up this form and get a link to download the free slides.

Also, you can refer these PowerPoint slides for inspiration. We searched the internet world and found these 6 cool PowerPoint Presentation for you:


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