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Conferences and meetings are a very important part of any industry. Participating in these is very helpful for someone doing research. In fields like pharma and biotech, people can gain a lot from such events.

Medical conferences, pharma congress, or symposiums are great places to meet people and discuss ideas. However, making these events happen can be difficult. There are many problems that may arise. Making a schedule for sessions, communicating with people can be difficult. People may waste time-solving these problems.

To make this easier and faster, a Medical Conference App can be used. This healthcare mobile application can solve several problems easily with multi channel marketing tactics.

What is the Medical Conference App?

This mobile application is the perfect tool for medical conference management. It increases physician engagement and medical communications in healthcare, as well as in biotech and pharma. The medical conference app has several standard and advanced features that make it a good digital engagement strategy as well as multi channel marketing tactics for pharma. The digital conference manager application is recommended by physicians and medical directors for various medical events. HCP engagement becomes much easier with such a meeting application. It’s multiple features make it simple to organize medical meetings and medical events.

The medical conference application is one of the multi-channel marketing solution to the healthcare communications problem. Conference management is made quicker and simpler with the help of this.

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Need for the Medical Conference App

Healthcare Communications is an important problem in today’s world. With technology becoming better and better in all fields, healthcare should not be left behind. It can help people communicate with each other quickly and easily.

This saves a lot of time for people working in the communication and medical field. In the end, the saved time can be used to do more research. Thus, ultimately, the results of saving time are beneficial to all healthcare professionals.

Research in the field of biotech and pharma industries is progressing very rapidly. New discoveries are made around the world every year. Professionals are trying to find cheaper and safer ways to solve medical problems. So, in recent times, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of symposiums related to this field like medical meetings, pharma conferences and pharma congress. Here the field professionals share their new ideas and discoveries. For management of such symposiums, meetings and seminars, this app is extremely advantageous and absolutely necessary.

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Features of the Medical Conference App

The mobile application for conference management has several unique features, – making it the ideal digital strategy conference. It is a multi-channel pharma digital application. With Medical Conference Appl you can connect with participants, send agenda, reminders, collect notes, feedback, votes and lots more.

Welcome Note

The mobile app has a welcome note customized based on medical conference or medical meetings. Basic and important information about the medical symposium can be given in this note section. It will provide user or physicians with the important facts about the medical symposium or medical conference. This helps in spreading medical related information quickly before and during the event day. It will also ensure that every person has received the relevant information. Other specific details can be given using the welcome note feature.


Obviously, any medical conference, medical symposium, medical meeting has their agendas of their own. Pharma, Biotech and Medical Devices conferences are no different when it comes to manage an event except it being scientific and regulatory concerns (if any). This mobile app helps you to keep real-time agenda of the medical meeting. As the agenda changes the app will notify the users with the updated agenda scheduling so that attendees are well aware of the proceedings. With “Medical Conference App” attendees don’t need to keep track of paper materials about the changes in the agenda as this app always keeps them updated in real time.

–  One can add the events to favourites and receive notification reminders of favourite sessions.

Medical Conference Application For Medical Events | Pharma & Biotech


The mobile application also has a poll feature. A poll is basically a way of getting answers from different people to a question. A medical event or global congress may have to conduct a poll for various reasons. You may want to decide what timings are suitable for everybody or what do they think about the answer of the speaker’s question. This can be done easily using this application.


While conducting workshops or medical events, the medical conference app is used to arrange sessions. Information about the workshop can be provided to every user of the app. With this application features the details can be shared with registered participants in a matter of seconds.

Medical Conference Application For Medical Events | Pharma & Biotech


The medical conference app also can provide notes to its users. The notes from the pharma conference may be important to those who are attending sessions. They may contain important data, which is necessary for people to follow the sessions. These notes can be uploaded by the conference organiser into the mobile application. They can then be downloaded or shared via email or whatsapp by users with the conference application attending the symposium.

Faculty Members

Information about the faculty members can also be displayed using the meeting application. People often go to pharma and biotech conferences to meet faculty members. They may be known for some particular research. To help everyone at the pharma conference meet them, their session schedules may be uploaded. Thus, everyone will be able to see what sessions a faculty member is taking. The timing can also be displayed.


Many a times you might have faced that venue creates a lot of confusion. When the venue of a medical event or a medical meeting is very large, people may get lost. It is also difficult to remember the location of every activity at the conference in a large congress or summit.

The mobile conference manager application will contain the list of all venues with google maps APIs integrated. Thus, people who need to attend a certain session can simply find the venue on their phone with a click of button.

Medical Conference Application For Medical Events | Pharma & Biotech


One of the salient features of our conference manager application is that it provides notification in real-time. Users will be able to get updates even when the app is not open but the mobile data or WiFi is active. This will help people stop worrying about their schedules. They will also not need to remember dates and locations.

Ask The Questions

The mobile application will also allow people to ask questions to the organisers or other users. This will help them easily clear doubts and queries. People can also submit feedback through the meeting application. This will help them make any complaints about problems they have faced. It will also help the organisers in knowing how their pharma conference went. If there were any problems, they will know to avoid them the next time.


This medical app helps you to seek feedback from the audience regarding the medical meeting or medical conference. It provides you with options to connect single sessions to the speaker profiles. Then the audience can provide grades to the events as well as ask their doubts to the speakers. This unique feature helps you to build engagement and foster critical thinking.

Medical Conference Application For Medical Events | Pharma & Biotech

References (if any)

References can also be provided through this medical conference app. Users or Doctors or Physicians can easily find the necessary important medical information. Thus, they will not have to waste time searching for any data.

Benefits of the Medical Conference App

Thus, we believe a medical conference app is a great must have solution for pharma and biotech conferences. It helps medical events, medical meetings, global summit and medical congress with effective conference management and engagement.

As a healthcare digital strategy, it is a multi-channel solution and can help several stakeholders. It can improve communication in healthcare through digital marketing and real-time medical communication.

For medical symposiums in the biotech and pharma fields, this meeting mobile application can be very helpful. The mobile application can also be used by a global congress to organise the proceedings. This application is the next level of innovation in the field of Biotech and Pharmaceuticals.

The application is developed for android as well as iOS devices so regardless of the user’s mobile operating system the user can download from Google or Apple App Store or Custom platform.

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